What are the pros and cons of instant cash buyer offers vs listing your house on the open market?

Choosing not to list your home on the open market takes away the opportunity for your home to be seen by all potential home buyers. This includes additional cash and instant offer buyers.

Cash Buyers

There are many cash buyers looking to purchase properties. So why only allow one buyer the opportunity to buy it? Because listing your home on the open market ensures that it can be seen by all potential cash investors and traditional home buyers. And, excellent marketing and increased exposure can lead to a higher sales price. That means more money in your pocket.

Counting the Cost

The lure of simplicity when selling to a cash buyer could end up costing you a lot of money. And, in many cases, this money you make from the sale of a home could be tax-free money. So don’t potentially give away a large chunk of it without doing your due diligence.

Consider this example when deciding whether to potentially sell for less money to an instant offer/cash company instead of listing it on the open market.

  • An Instant Offer Sale nets you $20,000 less than selling it on the open market
  • Take this $20,000 loss and divide it by your monthly net income
  • How many months of work will it take for you to earn the amount of money you could be giving away?
  • Selling on the open market may require a little effort but it can definitely be worth it.

Meeting with an expert Realtor® from the Davidson Real Estate Group will provide you with the information you need to truly compare the two options to see which is better for you. Because blindly taking a cash offer from an instant-offer company without consulting an expert could cost you tens of thousands of dollars.

Selling Your Home Guide

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